Monday, February 23, 2009

Potlucks and lots of snow!

Last week was potluck week with the exchange students! One was on Wednesday night, and was because one of the Canadian girls , Lianna, had 4 of her friends come to visit her on their reading week! It was really fun, a good reason for everyone to get together. Since I have absolutley no cooking skills, I brought oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies, my new delicious discovery! The night after that was another potluck hosted by Michelle, from Seattle! She called it an International Girls Dinner, which was so much fun! We were supposed to bring a dish from our home country, but really, what does Canada have that is specifically canadian except like, poutine ... which I am obviously not bringing! So I just brought a sour cream chip dip with some tortilla chips- always goes over well at potlucks!!
Also one day last week I had lunch with a Danish girl named Inge (no idea how to pronounce that by the way) who just came back from an exchange to UNB-Fredericton! She showed me a new canteen at the school and told me all about her exchange and how she loved Canada! (how could she not)

It also snowed lots this week! Nothing compared to what Canada is going through right now, I think the university campus was actually closed today, but lots of snow for Denmark!
ALSO THE CUTEST LITTLE KITTY CAT WAS IN MY BACKYARD TODAY. will post pictures later, as are not on my camera yet. it came right up to the door. it was adorableeeeeeeee. i miss cats.

Hilarious danish trees. I think they tried to cut them off at one point (there were powerlines above), but then they grew back ridiculously.

A picture from our Girls night! Shen and Kailey in the back, both from Canada, and the two girls in red are Dace and Liga from Latvia!

The two middle people here are two of the Canadians to came to visit, and the guy on the left.. is Lianna's Danish mentor, Im pretty sure his name was troels, pronounced totally like TROLLS. i thought that was funny.

also this weekend i am going to COPENHAGEN!!! Yay! I am excited. Hopefully I will have some exciting photos to post next time! I am going with the Studenterhus (student house) with some other exchange students, so hopefully it will be a fabulous time! Vi ses!

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