Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Festelavn and fishing trips!

Hello all!

Last week was very nice in Aarhus! The picture is the precious little kitty cat i found on my back deck sometime last week. too cute. On Tuesday night it was PANCAKE TUESDAY (or shrove tuesday.., whatever), and so apparently this is something only Canadians do, so me and a couple Canadian girls all got together and had pancakes for supper! It was delish!
Later that night we went to International Night
down at the Studenterhus, and it was FESTELAVN! It is some strange Danish holiday, which is sort of similar to Halloween where they all dress up for parties. And little kids go door-to-door and sing Festelavn songs dressed up, and instead of giving them candy, you give them money. What a strange country.

They said Halloween is becoming more popular here, but it is not a typical Danish holiday, and also Valentines day. So strange, I thought they were universal!

On Wednesday me and the canadians also went to Ash wednesday mass downtown, and on Thursday was a field trip with my Fish biology class- on a fishing trip!
We went into the Aarhus Bay, which apparently has no fish anymore because the water is very oxygen depleted in the summertime, but we caught about 25 fish. including a starfish! Very cool I thought. That was a lot of fun, only 4 students from my class went on the Thursday trip, but that was good because the boat was small and I got to hang out with Danish people all day!
Here is a picture of me with two of the fish we caught!
My teachers bringing in the fishing line!
My two teachers for Fish biology- peter and rasmus. Their outfits were too good not to get a picture!

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