Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hej! I cant believe Ive been here for over a month already.. time flies!
I have been really busy with class for the last week, I am still getting used to the way the school system works over here! For example the fact that some classes have an exam worth 100% of your final mark, and that it is an oral exam! How scary!! I like my classes for the most part- I really like fish biology! We got to dissect some herring and flounder on Monday which was cool! I was at a table with a couple of danish people so I have some new Danish friends!! I think we even have one or two field trips in that class, so that will be fun!
Animal physiology is pretty cool too, the people seem to be really nice but the course material is a little difficult.. and Microbiology is alright too! My teacher has an extremely long rat tail, which is too funny. The only class I really really don't enjoy is Agriculture... such a bad idea to take that course. At least it is over at Easter!
We've been getting together for dinner with some other students most nights, which is really nice! One night I went to Kailey, a Canadian girl's room with two others and we made some fabulous omelletes. and another night we invited a few people over at our house because Sissi, my German roommate wanted to cook for some people! That was nice, because since I am the worst cook in the world none of my friends even knew where I lived! I just always go to everyone else's house! Another day I went over to James' house to make muffins, as I was totally chocolate-chip muffin deprived. They were delicious and we shared them with all the Danish people living on his floor!
On Friday night alot of the exchange students went to one of their houses and played beer drinking games.. but since that is totally not my thing, me and three Latvian girls went downtown to a small restaurant/bar type thing for a few hours. Very fun!!

I also got a BIKE! Well, not really. I have it for about a week because somebody bought a bike, and has to return this one to the renting company next week.. but until then.. it is all mine! Which will probably make me buy one in the end.. but that is not a bad thing!

Here are a couple pictures from this week! ENJOY!! Hej hej!

Liga and Zanda from Latvia!

Some of the boys at a great big dinner put on at the Italians house!

The rest of the guests! Lots of people.. very small space.

They were trying to slow down cars. .. but instead of speed bumps I guess it is normal to put tiny gardens in the middle of the road. Haha!

Very much embracing the beautiful SUN! It doesnt come out too often.. maybe.. once every week and a half..

My "Hyggelig" candles I bought at IKEA! The word cant be translated, but is similar to "cozy".. so I had to go out and buy some cinammon smelling candles! Danes love their houses to be filled with candles and plants and coffee.....

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