Sunday, February 1, 2009

Biology classes begin!


I am done my first week of classes at the University of Aarhus!! They were very different than Canada, I have to say! They totally dont believe in midterms here, or really anything that involves marks throughout the term. In a couple of my classes 100% of my mark will be determined from a 15 minute oral exam at the end of term, despite doing many presentations and labs and excercises.. very strange!

I met a couple of Danish people this week too! Very exciting!! But unfortunately I have a lot of hours of class per week- about 6 hours of each class per week, which is double the time than Saint John! My classes are: an Animal Physiology, a Microbiology, Fish Biology and the most boring class on earth- Environmental assessment and regulation of agricultural production. Why did I choose that class?!
I was really busy with classes this week to do much else, but I got a new roommate on Wednesday or Thursday which was really nice! She is from Germany and her name is Sissi, and she is a good cook.. and since I am not, it is great! :D
Also this week I went skating again on Sunday afternoon, and Alberto skated by himself! Very exciting. on Wednesday I went out to a restaurant downtown called "Mackies" with James (as everyone else was in Barcelona!!), and it was delicious! Also had dinner one night at Alberto and Mary's, as they are italian and make delicious food, and another night at Lorenzos since I love Italian pasta very very much!
I will leave you with some recent pictures!
The walking lane on the left, biking lane in the middle and driving on the right! Almost every road has the bike lanes as well as the walking lanes!
There was a party on Saturday night at Skejbyparken! Sissi (my new German roommate), Fabian (from Germany also- he is moving upstairs in my house tommorrow!), Mattie from USA, Kailey from Wilfred Laurier university, Me and Dan from San Fransico, who totally loves the Trailor Park boys. too funny.
Rainald and Sissi! They were very excited because since Rainald is from Austria and Sissi from Munich they apparently have the same accent!

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