Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week threeeee


This past week here has really flown by. Yesterday was the last day of my Denmark Today language and culture course, and it was totally worth it. My teacher always made learning Danish really interesting, by singing us songs and having us make skits and plays. Yesterday for the closing, we had a reception in one of the canteens, which was by far the best food i've had in a while! And a couple of the deserts had "marzipan" in it, which is really popular here, and it was delicious! Somebody told me I had to try it while I was here.

This is a picture of Liga from Latvia, me and Alberto from Italy at the reception.

Last night they had a closing party for us at the Student House downtown too! It was lots of fun and I think everybody I knew from our program showed up!

They had something planned for us almost every night we were here. It made the afternoons a lot more enjoyable! Saturday we had a trip to the big museum downtown, which was pretty cool, but museums arent really my thing. But the statue of the big boy I liked! In the afternoon on Saturday we went skating, and I was surprised to see that it was some people's first time skating! We had to help Alberto, one of the italian guys a lot.. he had a lot of trouble!

On Monday we went to Den Gamle By, the "old town" where they reconstructed some of the old buildings from a long time ago! I have a picture somewhere here of a really big group of us at the old town. The next night was International night at the student house- so many people goes to these, its lots of fun!

We also had Danish cooking lessons on Wednesday, and me and Lana, an Australian girl from my class made Apple Cake, which turned out very delicious! Other groups made salads, fish cakes, cinammon rolls, meatballs, and rye bread! mmm!

We had to perform skits yesterday in front of a couple of the other classes- ours turned out pretty funny. I was a pirate, who had a pet duck, and when my pet duck got stolen away by the princess, I killed her. And then the police came, and he had to figure out who killed the princess. It was super funny, as we are terrible at Danish and all forgot our lines! But it was fun. In the picture we were still trying out costumes- i hadn't discovered the pirate costume by this point!!

The other day I discovered a new mall only about a 5-10 minute walk from my house so I think I will go there today! It is huge!
This is a picture of my whole class at the reception!

I think that is all for now! Will update again soon :)


the phonetic elephant said...'d never had marzipan before?

My mother used to decorate cakes with it, I remember. There was one, I think it was my grandfather's 75th birthday, that she decorated it with a garden, with all kinds of vegetables molded out of marzipan. Recently though she's gotten lazy and just ices the cakes =P

the phonetic elephant said...

also, Latvian girl is pretty. I can't put my finger on what it is, but she's pretty. End of story.