Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jeg kommer fra Canada!

Hello everyone!

I've been here in Aarhus for a week now! It is getting better and better every day! I started Denmark Today on Monday, and it has been very fun so far! It is a language and culture course, and you have the language courses in the morning and some sort of Danish or Aarhus culture thing in the afternoon!
My class in the morning has about 15 or 20 people in it, and it's so cool because the students come from all over the world! There are a couple girls from Australia, a couple from USA, someone from Turkey, Spain, China, Estonia, lots from Italy, Czech and Latvia! Very cool!! Our teacher is very sweet too, she gets us to sing like 2 songs a class so she makes it fun!

See what Danish I've learned so far!:
Jeg hedder Katie. Jeg kommer fra Canda. Jeg taler englesk, Jeg bor i Skovvangsvej. jeg er 20 ar gammel. Jeg studerer biologi!

Haha, it looks easy, but the pronounciation is totally crazy. Jeg hedder is pronounced like "Yai haitha".. sorta. with a crazy accent. very hard for North Americans...!

I've met some friends finally too! There was a "speed meeting" on Tuesday night, which is pretty much like speed dating, minus the dating. For all the exchange students! It was good to get to know others too!

The first day nobody knew anyone, so it was really easy to make friends. Ive made friends with some Italians and americans and of course a few others!

Today we had a tour around the city centre, which was very good so now I know where all the good spots to go are!

My mom is still here too, which is really good, especially because I still don't have any roommates so it's good at night time! She likes to explore the city during the daytime when I am at school! But she's leaving on Saturday morning. The other afternoon when I didnt have class or culture thing we went down to the city centre and took a lot of pictures! Here are some pictures from the last couple of days in AARHUS, DENMARK!! :)

Italian boys (Lorenzo, Matteo, Alberto), and Erica (USA) with dark hair and Liga (Latvia) with blonde!

Some pictures of me around the university!
Seriously, how would you feel paying 52.00 for a big mac.
The blue building is my house! And a picture of my bedroom, with lots of storage space. Also one of me and mom exploring downtown, and a few more pictures from around downtown. Thats all for now!

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