Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aarhus, Denmark!

I made it here! It is my third day in Aarhus and it has been great so far! It was my first plane ride ever, so I was really nervous, but it got better the more planes I went on! My mom came with me, and is staying for 10 days, which has been really good so far so there is somebody I know with me to go I started in Saint John, and flew to Toronto, then to Frankfurt in Germany, then Copenhagen in Denmark and then finally to Aahrus!

Lots of people came to see me fly off, it was very exciting! We left on New Years Eve at 6pm, so I think we spent 12 midnight either in our time zone, or in Newfoundland's! The pilot announced New years over newfoundland, but they didn't do anything special, which was dissapointing! Half of the people were asleep anyway. Here are a couple of photos from the flight over here!

This is when I was in Saint John, and very very nervous!

At the Toronto airport!

At the Copenhagen airport. Very nice!

Flying over Toronto.. look at the huge jet engines!

Once we arrived in Aahrus, my mentor named Mads met us at the airport to drive us to our hotel! The next morning we went and saw a little bit of the university, and then went to pick up my keys for my new house! Mads took us shopping with another exchange student named Miriam from Germany, and we went to IKEA and the grocery store! The grocery stores here are all very small, and there are so many of them! There are 3 within about a 5 minute walking distance from my house!

Yesterday we took the bus for the first time which was pretty exciting.. we ended up going the opposite direction that we wanted to, but eventually ended up downtown Aarhus! It was really nice, there is a big canal and lots of very expensive shopping!

Today we walked around the university campus for a while, it is so big! So much bigger than UNBSJ!! Here are some pictures from the last couple of days!

By the Canal in downtown Aarhus!
On one of the main streets- look at the vines on the buildings!!
Me and mom in Aarhus :)
That is it for now! Hopefully will post again soon!

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Bluefish said...

Hi there, I found your blog on Facebook. Welcome to Denmark:)