Friday, January 16, 2009

Second week in Denmark!

Hello everyone! I have been very busy this last week here in Denmark! I have learned a bit more Danish, but it is still a very complicated language! My teacher is awesome though, she gets us to sing songs every class which makes it much more fun to learn! Near the end of today's class, all of the classes got together and we totally did the hokey-pokey... in Danish of course! It was pretty funny.

Last Saturday we went about 30 minutes outside of Aarhus to another city or town called Randers, and we went to a huge indoor tropical zoo called Randers Regnskov tropical zoo. It was so neat, it felt like you were really in a tropical area! It was really warm, and there were trees and animals everywhere! Some of the animals were aloud to roam free, like the monkeys, it was really neat!

There were three huge greenhouses- "south america", "asia", and "africa", and south america was definately the coolest. Tons of animals, and the birds would be even flying over your head! And the monkeys were close enough to touch. I took some really cool pictures here!

On Monday with our group we went on a tour of town hall , and got to climb the stairs all the way to the top of the clock tower! It had such a pretty view, and you could see all of downtown and the harbour from the top!

Most of this week I was pretty sick, along with... mostly every other exchange student, and stayed home from school one of the days, and missed out on learning about Danish politics in the afternoon.. too bad really, because everybody knows how much I love politics.

Other than that, yesterday we went to a place called "Bazar Vest" with our class, which is like a larger version of the city market in saint john, except for they are all international shops. It was fun!
Tonight I hope to go out for a little bit with the other exchange students since i was sick all week and now i am better! And I will leave with some Danish words for everybody in Canada!
"Jeg elsker dig" - I love you!
"Jeg er hikke" - i have the hiccups :)
"Jeg er glad!" - i am happy!
"det er fryser" - it is freezing (typical canadian weather right now!)
Will have another update soon!

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