Sunday, February 15, 2009

week 7

Hej! All week I was really busy with catching up on reading , so I decided to go out both friday and saturday nights! Friday after class I stayed for a little bit in the biology common area/lounge type thing where all of the students go at the end of the week to hang out with the other biology students! It was really fun- Im actually meeting some danish people.. at last!
After that on Friday I had to give my bike back- my friend here had rented one and also bought one, so had an extra one for a week, which i happily borrowed! But unfortunately is now gone, so I am on the lookout for a really cheap, or free bike! Also made some delicious oatmeal chocolate CHUNK cookies, since they don't believe in chocolate chips here! I am going to get fat from all of the baking I do!!
Friday night I followed the other exchange students to the "crazy house".. apparently I didnt know what I was getting myself in to! Definately wasn't my type of party, but at least I didnt stay at home.. :)
Saturday was valentines day! They dont seem to really celebrate it here, so I was excited when I got a valentines day card in the mail from my parents which contained some delicious canadian valentines day chocolate!
Saturday night one of the exchange students Matteo had a big birthday party, which was fun! Almost everybody was there, except for all of the english girls who are in Scotland this weekend! Wish I was there too! But I was with Liga, the latvian girl, most of the night, and it was lots of fun!
During the week nothing too exciting happened- I had to give a 30 minute presentation for one of my classes so I was (just a little) freaking out for it all week!
I think this week might be just a little more exciting than last! Even though there will always be tons of homework to do.. I will only be in Europe for 6 months, so I have to keep telling myself to go out and not study!! A little hard sometimes :)

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