Sunday, April 26, 2009

Springtime in Aarhus!

Now that I am not posting about any kind of trip, this post will be nice and short!

After I got back from Marseille I was absolutley exhausted, so took a couple of lazy days! Easter was very uneventful, but I got an easter package from Margaret containing some excellent Mini eggs and Cadbury cream eggs and another little package from my Mommy containing some other excellent chocolates. So Easter was still delish! I also went to church! Totally in Danish of course. hah

I went to International night that week, though I got there at like 10, not even early, and there was like 5 people there. They come later and later every week!! But it was fun to see everyone, although there were still a bunch of people travelling!!

On Thursday I went shopping with Doni my roommate for Danish outfits hahah, I decided I was looking far too North american every day with my jeans and t-shirt, so we bought some Danish clothing!! We went to a Thursday bar that night on campus, it was really fun, a bunch of the exchange students were there too! So I hung out with Doni and her friends at the beginning and then the exchange students for the rest!

Pretty quiet weekend for me too! I had a lot of work to catch up on, and I went for a gorgeous walk down to the Risskov beach which is only like 10 minutes from my house- totally surprised Id never gone there before, because it was so nice! Next time I will be bringing my camera for sure!
Springtime is definately here in Denmark! It is getting absolutley GORGEOUS outside! If the sun is out, Im pretty sure you have no excuse for not wearing shorts and t-shirts and sandals. My backyard here is totally enclosed by like sheds and trees, so it is so nice to go out there and tan! I love walking through the uni campus, because it is soo pretty. Everytime I walk by the lake you can always see people practicing for the big boat race here on May 7th!

This week I was sooooooo busy!!! On Tuesday it was International night at Studenterhus, but some of the exchange students put together a BAND! It was Matteo from Italy, Jose from Italy/Venezuela, Benoit from Quebec and Mattieu from MONCTON!! seriously, moncton. I could not believe i had not met this guy before. So close! Their band was soo good! They played a lot of songs we knew, which was lots of fun, and Im pretty sure every single person I know here in Denmark was there that night.. soo fun! Although had to walk home, but that's alright!

During the day on Wednesday I was at this grocery store downtown that my roommate told me about- and it had a BRITISH/AMERICAN isle!! I was so happy!!!! They had like the british version of KD ("Cheese Pasta") hahaha, and also things I didn't realise we didnt have here- like Jello, Aunt Jemima Syrup, Pop-tarts, Chocolate chips, Jiff peanut butter, Fluff, Real yellow mustard, fruit roll-ups, fruit loops and shreddies, betty crocker cake mix, old el paso tacos and so much more! I was so happy, though the prices were unreal!!!! As in, aunt jemima syrup was 85 KR, AKA, like, OVER 20 DOLLARS!!!!

On Wednesday night me and Fabian and Jun-Rong went to Waxies, a random pub downtown I'd never been to for a Pub Quiz. Ive never been to one of those before.. but seriously it was so fun! They ask you ridiculous questions, some of them you know, but others you totally guess, and the winners get prizes, but unfortunately we were not among the winners haha. One of the questions was , which country is Bryan Adams from, and so i wrote CANADA in huge bold letters with some hearts and stuff around them, and you have to pass your sheet to the table beside yours for them to correct it, and they just looked at me and were like, I bet i can guess what country you're from.......... haha and then kept making like Canada jokes at me all night haha. it was funny.

Thursday night Me, Fabian, Jun Rong, Eva and Johanna went to Karaoke night at a different pub downtown, it was really funny. Im pretty sure I got sucked into singing Barbie girl.. oh yeah. slightly embarassing, but was with 3 others so was not that bad! But it was fullllllll of old people there, it was hilarious. The same lady sung like 10 times, by herself, but was.. not very good at all. She must have had a lot of self confidence to keep doing it over and over haha. Will probably not be attending that Karaoke night again! There was a "jam session" going on in the room beside the karaoke room, and we were talking to the singer guy before karaoke started, and he was from USA! I love meeting people from North America, Im not really sure why, they are never any different from anyone else, but I guess it is just a conversation starter because we have something in commmon! haha. Anyway some guy playing in his little band was hilarious, he was playing that mandolin instrument or whatever it was called, and his facial expressions were absolutley hilarious. I think I have to include a picture of that, because seriously, TOO funny. I could not stop laughing! We were waiting at the bus stop ready to leave later, me and Fabian. and the bus just DIDNT COME! I was so mad hah , and Im sure Taxis would be crazy expensive here, so we walked. Not cool when I had 9AM class! Since walking from downtown always takes about 40 minutes.. but, it could be worse!

Im pretty sure Friday was like, the funnest day in soo long. Not even joking haha. After class there was the Friday bars of course, and all of the exchange students go to the economics one, and it was just sooo sunny and gorgeous out, we were all outside on the grass. Nice to see everyone in summer clothes!! So fun.

After Friday bar I went home, got something to eat and went to a BIOLOGY PARTY! hahah, okay, I thought it was going to be toooooootally lame, but I had bought a ticket anyway to go. It was like the Biology committee's (Biogas?) 30th anniversary, so it was a birthday party! I knew the guy who was like, organizing it, and he's the one that convinced me to go, and I was like, alright.. I guess I can, even though he was the only one I knew before going, and knew he would be busy the whole time. Anyway it turned out to be not lame at ALL haha, but so much fun! They had like a DJ, a band, and a dance floor, and I ended up seeing people from my classes there! I was seriously the only English speaking person there, or like, non-danish person there for that matter haha, but it was lots of fun! I guess I have never really experienced Danish people when they are drinking at all, but they are talkative!! Normally like they hardly talk at all I guess until they know you, but I had like hardly ever spoken to these people in my classes before and as soon as I saw them here they were like, KAATTIIEE!, and I was just thinking like, I didnt even think you knew my name. hahah. But it was really fun!! I ended up talking to these two Danish girls from my class a lot- Mette and Sanne (the two girls at the bottom), and then the guy who was organizing it Jonas (in the blue shirt and vest), and Jens from my old fish biology class, and Martin from my old classes and Mads and Steffen (above the photo of Jonas) from the two classes I am in now! They all have ridiculous Danish names, most of them that have crazy pronounciations, and Im sure all of their last names have those crazy danish letters in them too. They even got me to dance.. I never dance. ever. hahaha. mostly because I cant! which was reconfirmed that night haha.

The party ended at 3, but I had told Jonas that I would help him and his little committee of people clean up.. and then I stayed for some food afterwards. soo.. I think in the end I got home at like .. 6.. haha, I can't say i have EVER done that before!!! But it was totally worth it, I got to meet some Danish people and have fun!
Yesterday I was really tired from staying up so late, and as it was already bright out by the time I got home on Friday night (or saturday monring? haha), it was hard to sleep. I went to Alberto's birthday party last night which was fun, although since I was so tired I only stayed for about two hours and then went to BED!!
Anyway I think that is all for now, I have procrastinated enough for today and need to be productive! Enjoy the pictures!!
Matteo playing at Student house!!

Me, Jose, Liga and Matteo! Wearing the rockers hats, and take note of Matteo's pit stains!!
Me and Liga at the concert!
Ina, Liga Me and Michelle at the lovely Friday Bar! In our summer colours!
Jens on the right and his friend at the Biology party!
Steffen and me at the biology party! I have a nice danish flag in my hair!! Im pretty much Danish!

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Bill Hesse said...

I'm an American living in Aarhus, and your comment about karaoke on Thursday was backwards - when us old people go there, we complain that it is full of too many young people! The best karaoke I have found is at Skejby Bodega, on the first Friday of each even month. That means next Friday!